NACE International is looking for qualified, experienced professionals to present their experiences on the following topics:

Passive Fire Protection

Topics may include: Technical progress of PFP; PFP testing; Risk Analysis; Protection for Petrochemical, Infrastructure – Bridge, Highways and other fields of upstream and downstream; PFP for Nuclear Facilities; How to protect and how to meet the fire resistant level; Combination performance of fireproof and anticorrosion. Constructor view - training, equipment, investment, inspection.



Topics may include: Special anticorrosion demand of Petrochemical, Metallurgical and Electric Industries; How to choose appropriate coating materials and coating system in different environment for long-term protection; Regard to the storage tank, pipeline and other environments, How to protect the storage material from pollution while protecting the substrate; How to establish effective technical specification, evaluation method, failure evaluation, etc. Focus on the development, performance evaluation, testing and maintenance of lining coatings.



Topics may include: Progress of new organic silicon, ceramic based and other high temperature resistant coatings. Development prospect and demand of insulation coatings in Power, Petrochemical and Municipal Industries. The combination of thermal insulation coatings and anticorrosion coatings. Measures of CUI Prevention. Mechanism research of CUI; The CUI factors; The influence of insulation materials and structure design on CUI; The coating requirements of CUI; CUI coatings for pipeline, fracturing drilling/production and oil sands service; Coating systems for cryogenic to hot cyclic service; RBI for CUI commentary on actual RBI systems in plants; Lab testing of CUI candidate coating systems to mirror real-life experience; Field experience with long-life TSA systems in CUI service and elsewhere; Inspecting TSA destined for CUI; Seal Coat for TSA? How to use thermal spraying and liquid coatings.

Abstract due date: June 10, 2018
Presentation due date: July 31, 2018